LA residents arrested for identity theft
LA residents arrested for identity theft
A group of seven Los Angeles residents was arrested in Beaverton, OR on suspicion of identity theft after police there connected the group to a counterfeit $10 bill that had been taken in by a gas station there.

Police received information about the person who passed the bill and they later discovered a vehicle matching the description provided by the gas station attendant at a local motel. Police conducted a stop and discovered counterfeit credit cards, multiple fake identification cards and stolen property. Police conducted a K-9 search of the vehicle and discovered $27,000 in cash hidden in a compartment in the car.

According to police, the group acquired victims’ credit and debit card information, and then created false identification to match the credit or debit account profile. Members of the group then went to local banks to withdraw thousands of dollars from victims’ accounts.

Jenny Crocco, 44; Princess Anthony, 28; Antonio Garza, 53; Natalya Imuere, 25; Eric Knight, 25; Kashmerae Oliver, 29; and Anthony Pizella, 49 of Los Angeles, were charged with aggravated theft and identity theft.

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