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Numerous people throughout California have been accused and arrested for criminal offenses related to marijuana. If you are ever charged with an offense related to marijuana use, it is imperative to contact a criminal defense attorney. Such cases require a good criminal defense lawyer to prepare a defense in accordance with current state law. Several criminal defenses can be used. Only a good criminal defense lawyer with experience in medical marijuana defenses can help you in finding the best solution when facing a legal case involving marijuana.

Is Marijuana Use Legal?

Yes, the Compassionate Act of 1996 legalized the medical use of marijuana in the state of California. The act establishes legal use of marijuana if prescribed by a professional who believes marijuana will provide relief to the patient. Examples of conditions where marijuana is prescribed include anorexia, migraines, arthritis, AIDS, chronic pain and glaucoma.

When can you legally possess and use marijuana?

There are several occasions when you can legally possess and use marijuana without being liable to criminal penalties and having to call a criminal defense lawyer:

  • If you have a doctor’s prescription
  • If you have a “marijuana-manufacturing” license, with the proper paper work that the recognized by the state and conforms to state laws
  • If you are a caretaker of a patient prescribed with marijuana
  • Who do you call if you’re accused/arrested of an offense related to marijuana?

    Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer understands the exact limitations of the Compassionate Use Act. Only s/he can prepare a defense to help a person facing federal or state charges related to medical marijuana. Even when using and possessing marijuana for medical purposes, licensed caregivers and patients have faced criminal charges related to possession, distribution, and trafficking. The main goal of a criminal defense lawyer is to represent their client to the vigorously using state laws with the goal of avoiding any charges, fines, or imprisonment.

    Recent Controversy on Medical Marijuana

    Medical use of marijuana in Los Angeles has become an increasingly thorny topic. Although federal raids on medical marijuana centers are almost obsolete, legislatures have been working on regulations to limit the business of medical marijuana.
    Los Angeles officials have passed a ban on establishing new medical marijuana dispensaries, and on “renting leasing or permitting a medical marijuana business to occupy a location.”

    With medical marijuana in such a heated debate, if you face charges of distributing or cultivating marijuana, you definitely need a good criminal defense lawyer with experience in the medical marijuana laws. The process may be difficult and emotionally draining, but it is the job of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to assist you, and make sure you don’t face any punishment. A top-notch criminal defense attorney will always represent their clients charged with marijuana possession, distribution and/or cultivation with zeal and assist them in maintaining their respect, attitude and dignity throughout the course the legal proceedings.

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