king_city_police_corruption_montereyKing City police officer, Mario Mottu Sr., sought out new representation Friday regarding the embezzlement case against him. This just after the announcement of his defense attorney’s looming retirement.

Mottu and retired King City police chief, Nick Baldiviez, have been accused of embezzling a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria patrol unit. The two proceeded to lie by covering up details on the California Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork. Mottu and Baldiviez were supposed to have their court date set on Friday, Dec. 5, 2014. Their trail was slated to take place sometime during this month.

Mottu’s new attorney, Christian Scott, has requested more time to prepare for the trail. Scott appeared before Monterey County Superior Court judge Richard Scott, who is the father of Mottu’s new attorney. Conflict of interest waivers were prepared by attorneys from both sides. Along with Mottu’s previous attorney, Richard Scott will also be retiring by the end of the year, and won’t be hearing the case in trail. A trial date will be determined when both defendants return to court on January 28, 2015.

Baldiviez has recently been accused of perjury during his first preliminary hearing after emails obtained as evidence directly conflicted with his testimony. Baldiviez’s motion for a consolidation regarding his case is still pending. This most recent perjury charge won’t be dealt with until January 28th, as Christian Scott has requested additional time to prepare.

In unrelated news, Manuel Nieto, the legal representative of fellow King City police officer, Jaime Andrade, also asked for additional time to examine new evidence before the trail begins. Andrade’s trail is set for two firearms charges. The trail is expected to last two weeks and will being February 23rd, 2015. Prosecutor Doug Matheson, presented new evidence including an interview with a Sacramento firearms dealer regarding the sale of an assault rifle sold to Andrade. The evidence was substantial enough for Judge Scott to postpone the trail. “If you don’t have something different, then all you’re doing is fishing,” said Judge Scott. “But this is different.”

Andrade was terminated from his job at the King City Police Department last month. Andrade is appealing the termination through binding arbitration, which could last up to three months.

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