Kidnapping Charge For British Dad
Kidnapping Charge For British Dad
A British man was charged with kidnapping after disappearing with his two-year-old daughter during a supervised visit on Christmas Eve. Jack Perry, 31, was arrested in Palm Springs on December 27. The kidnapping occurred at The Grove shopping center, when the person supervising the visit lost sight of Perry and his daughter, around 5:00 PM. Acting on a tip from a citizen on Monday night, Palm Springs police arrested Perry at an apartment he had rented under an assumed name.

Perry had been spotted with the girl in Beverly Hills on Sunday, but police were unable to locate him before he left the area. Authorities considered Perry a flight risk because he comes from a wealthy British family and could provide travel on a private aircraft.

Kidnapping, Child Stealing Charges

In addition to the kidnapping and child stealing charges in California, Perry, who is a resident of Santa Monica, is wanted in Florida on outstanding felony warrants for DUI and bribery. He is also wanted in Nevada on an 18-count indictment for forgery and obtaining money under false pretenses. In addition, the Los Angeles criminal complaint against Perry will be amended to add three misdemeanor charges related to violating court orders.

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