Identity Theft Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
Identity Theft Suspect Pleads Not Guilty
A Hawthorne man accused of deliberately driving his family off of a pier pleaded not guilty to federal charges. According to authorities, the man intended to collect life insurance proceeds on the victims. The man faces at least two dozen federal charges, including identity theft, mail fraud and wire fraud. He also faces charges of money laundering.

The man, who is a citizen of Egypt, was not in the United States legally. He purchased the insurance policies in 2015. Shortly thereafter, he drove his partner and their two youngest children off a pier at the Port of Los Angeles. He escaped the vehicle by swimming out of the open driver’s window. Local fishermen saved the man’s girlfriend, who did not know how to swim.

The two children in the car, aged 8 and 13, drowned. The man then collected more than $250,000 in life insurance proceeds. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declined to bring murder charges against the man. According to the DA’s Office, there was insufficient evidence that the man deliberately drove the car into the water.

Federal authorities lack jurisdiction to bring murder charges in the case. However, if convicted, the man could spend the rest of his life in prison. The judge in the case denied the man bail, saying he poses a flight risk. He also poses a threat to his girlfriend and his remaining child, on whom he continues to maintain life insurance policies.

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