Identity theft suspect pleads guilty to 2014 scam
Identity theft suspect pleads guilty to 2014 scam
A Los Angeles man pleaded guilty to identity theft following a long running scam to steal cars. The judge immediately sentenced the man to nearly four years in prison. The man also pleaded guilty to five counts of auto theft and a sentencing enhancement of aggravated white-collar crime.

According to investigators, the man – who is Vietnamese – targeted victims with similar names to his own. He stole the victim’s IDs or created fake driver’s licenses with his picture and the victim’s information. He would then pose as the victim to purchase cars, open bank accounts, credit cards and cell phone accounts.

The man successfully stole a Lexus RX450, a Honda CRV EX, and five other vehicles. After purchasing the Lexus, the man returned to the dealership a few days later. By that time, dealership employees had determined that the man had provided false identification for the purchase. While the man remained at the dealership, employees contacted the police, who arrested him.

Police immediately recovered the Lexus and the Honda. The total value of the vehicle thefts, which began in 2014, exceeds $250,000. Investigators also noted that the man has convictions from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 for burglary, forgery and identity theft.

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