Identity Theft Suspect in Hilton Case Gets 5 Years In Jail
Identity Theft Suspect in Hilton Case Gets 5 Years In Jail
A woman who pleaded guilty to
identity theft involving Paris Hilton will spend 57 months in prison. In December, Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

According to investigators, Bkhchadzhyan illegally accessed Paris Hilton’s email account. From there, she accessed Hilton’s bank account information and nude photos of Hilton. She also impersonated Hilton in email conversations with Hilton’s assistant, and members of Hilton’s family.

FBI investigators obtained a search warrant for Bkhchadzhyan’s fingerprints to unlock a phone they had confiscated. The phone yielded additional evidence of Bkhchadzhyan’s actions.

The woman had a prior conviction for identity theft in 2016. Following her release from jail in 2017, Bkhchadzhyan targeted Hilton. According to testimony, Bkhchadzhyan charged more than $40,000 to Hilton’s credit card accounts. In all, investigators say that Bkhchadzhyan took more than $130,000 from Hilton. Bkhchadzhyan’s attorney said that his client admitted to her actions and is attempting to recover from a serious drug addiction.

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