Identity theft suspect captured in Los Angeles
Identity theft suspect captured in Los Angeles
A woman whom police describe as a prolific identity thief remains jailed after being charged with identity theft. Police attempted to arrest the woman in July, but she fled the area with her boyfriend in a sports car. During the pursuit, the woman fled the vehicle and the boyfriend drove off without her. Police arrested the driver at the end of the pursuit and prosecutors charge him with felony evading. He failed to appear in court after posting bail.

Police began surveilling the woman again in August and arrested her outside of her home. Her boyfriend was apprehended a few days later. Following the arrest, police conducted a search of the woman’s residence. Inside, they found credit card making equipment and equipment used to make false identification cards. Police also recovered about $5,000 in cash from the woman during the arrest.

Detectives first began investigating the woman for financial crimes in December 2017. At that time, prosecutors charged her with multiple identity-related felonies. After posting bail, she failed to appear in court. The court issued a felony bench warrant, and police were attempting to arrest her on that warrant in July.

She remains jailed on a $1.51M bail and will return to court on September 5 for matters related to her case.

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