Identity Theft Suspect Captured Following $170K Spending Spree
Identity Theft Suspect Captured Following $170K Spending Spree
A Los Angeles area man faces federal identity theft charges following a lavish spending spree. The Secret Service filed a criminal complaint against the man, whom it accuses of stealing actress Demi Moore’s credit card.

According to the criminal complaint, the man reported Moore’s card stolen in March 2018, then intercepted the replacement card. For nineteen days, the man made extensive purchases at luxury retailers in the Los Angeles are. The information in the complaint states that the value of the fraudulent purchases approached $170,000.

The suspect attracted the attention of authorities after purchasing a Mercedes Benz from a Glendale auto dealer in February. According to police, the man used a different victim’s identity to purchase the vehicle. Authorities used the vehicle purchase to identify the suspect’s true identity, and discovered a connection to Moore’s stolen credit card.

The suspect has a history of identity theft, and has already served 18 months in jail. Authorities have also determined that the man worked with an accomplice to commit additional thefts.

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