Identity theft suspect arrested in check cashing scam
Identity theft suspect arrested in check cashing scam
A Thousand Oaks man faces charges of identity theft following his arrest last month. The man concocted an elaborate scam that targeted teens and young adults in the Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles areas.

Police learned of the scam after receiving a number of reports from victims. The man, who is a registered sex offender in Ventura County, carried off the scam using social media.

He initially contacted victims through Instagram, and managed to take control of their Instagram accounts. Using the compromised accounts, he contacted the victims’ Instagram contacts, posing as the account holder. In his conversations, he persuaded targets to assist with cashing a check for a friend of the account holder.

The man would get the intended victim’s phone number and tell them that the account holder’s brother-in-law would meet them at a bank to cash a check. When the victim arrived at the bank, the man posed as the victim’s “brother-in-law” and presented the victims with a forged check for cashing. The victim would cash the check at the bank and give the money to the suspect. Days later, the victim’s bank would inform the victim of the fraud and the associated loss.

Upon investigation, police discovered five victims in Thousand Oaks, and additional victims in Los Angeles, West Covina and Azuza. Police believe there could be additional victims in the case. The man faces one count of using another’s identity to obtain credit. He also faces two counts of identity theft with fraud under $950. He faces four felony counts of forgery and two counts of using a computer to obtain property. In addition, he faces 27 special allegations, which he has denied. The man will return to court on November 4 for matters related to his case.

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