Identity Theft Sentence For Pasadena Man
Identity Theft Sentence For Pasadena Man
A Pasadena man will spend six years in federal prison for his role in an
identity theft operation. In addition, the man must pay restitution to eight victims and complete five years of supervised release. The man pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft.

The victims in this case include American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Chase Bank, Citigroup, Discovery and US Bank. According to prosecutors, the man scammed those victims out of nearly $2.8 million.

Federal prosecutors say that the man operated a large criminal organization in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The scheme targeted banks and used stolen identity information to obtain credit cards. As part of the scheme, the man and his operatives changed the address information for legitimate bank customers and then applied for credit cards in the customer’s name.

Once the thieves obtained credit cards, they sent operatives to high-end retailers to purchase luxury goods, including Rolex watches, electronics, jewelry and designer merchandise. Three other defendants will go to trial this fall.

Pasadena Identity Theft Lawyer

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Identity theft is almost always a financial crime, but federal investigators follow it closely because it finances other criminal activity. Federal identity theft convictions trigger mandatory sentences, which may serve to extend a period of incarceration.

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