Identity Theft, Grand Theft Charges for Temecula Woman
Identity Theft, Grand Theft Charges for Temecula Woman
Escondido Police arrested Sheila Jo Jackson of Temecula, an employee of a local concrete company, and charged her with identity theft, grand theft, embezzlement and forgery after police linked her to the theft of nearly $600,000 from her employer, Betz Concrete.

According to police, Jackson diverted money to a Bank of America account, which the owners of the company had directed her to close. Instead of closing the account, Jackson kept the account open for herself and diverted cash from the business to pay for her gambling habit.

A Bank of America employee noticed suspicious activity on the account and notified the owner. Investigators discovered that Jackson had written nearly 300 checks to herself from the accounts, totaling more than $570,000. They also linked Jackson to a preferred customer card at a local casino, and discovered that she had spent more than $1,000,000 in slot machines over a five year period. Police have not definitively linked the missing cash to Jackson’s casino expenditures, but have also not found other significant purchases or acquisitions made by Jackson during the period she worked for the company.

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