Identity Theft, Fraud Charges for Former West Hills Attorney
Identity Theft, Fraud Charges for Former West Hills Attorney
A former attorney from West Hills will face charges of identity theft, money laundering and fraud. According to prosecutors, the woman perpetuated a real estate fraud scam causing the loss of more than $400,000.

Working with two accomplices, the woman forged deeds for Los Angeles properties. The group attempted to use the deeds to take out loans using the properties as collateral. They also attempted to sell the properties. In 2018, the woman attempted to use the fraudulent deeds to post bail. Earlier, prosecutors charged her with 162 counts of grand theft, identity theft, forgery and money laundering. After finding a third compromised property, authorities added 68 additional charges.

The suspected accomplices have a history of felony convictions. The attorney remains jailed on a bond of $1.6 million. The judge in the case assigned a bail of more than $1.25 million for each of the accomplices. If convicted, the woman could spend more than 40 years in prison. Her accomplices could each receive a sentence of 35 years.

West Hills Identity Theft Lawyer

When you face charges for identity theft in West Hills, hire an experienced identity theft lawyer like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has 35 years of experience exclusively in criminal defense. He takes identity theft cases in West Hills and throughout Los Angeles County.

Identity theft cases are very interesting to police and prosecutors because they often lead to other crimes. Identity theft often underpins more serious offenses. Identity theft is both a federal and state-level crime. You can be charged in either court system. You can also be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Depending on your circumstances, you could also be charged with other crimes like forgery or money laundering. These crimes can extend a sentence significantly.

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