Identity Theft Conviction Lands Court Hacker In Prison
Identity Theft Conviction Lands Court Hacker In Prison
A 33-year-old Texas resident will spend 12 years in federal prison for aggravated identity theft. The man allegedly hacked into the Los Angeles Superior Court system. The man sent millions of phishing emails designed to trick users into disclosing their banking and court information.

The court also ordered the man to serve three years of supervised release following incarceration and pay $50,000 in restitution. This is the second conviction related to this case. Robert Charles Nicholson, of Brooklyn, NY also pleaded guilty to his role in the scam.

Three additional defendants remain out of custody and outside the United States. Federal prosecutors accuse them of creating “phishing kits” for the defendant’s use.

According to testimony, the scam collected credentials and banking information from hundreds of LASC employees. Federal agents were able to track the suspicious activity to the defendant’s home in Katy, TX. During a search of the home, agents found a USB drive in the toilet, and a damaged laptop. Agents connected both devices to the defendant, and found stolen information on both devices.

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