Identity theft charges for extradited Beverly Hills surgeon
Identity theft charges for extradited Beverly Hills surgeon
A former Beverly Hills surgeon who fled the country with his wife following mail fraud and insurance fraud charges has a new problem:identity theft charges. According to federal prosecutors, the man misrepresented elective medical treatments as necessities to collect insurance payments for patients.

Following his conviction on mail fraud and other charges, the man and his wife liquidated their assets, obtained fake passports and fled to Israel. The couple entered the country using Mexican passports, but then assumed false Guatemalan citizenship.

According to prosecutors, the man performed unnecessary surgeries on patients, then billed their insurance companies, collecting millions of dollars in fees. In some cases, patients were left disfigured and with disabilities.

The doctor pleaded guilty to mail fraud in 2016 and surrendered his passport to the court. He also agreed not to travel outside the United States. Afterwards, he and his wife transferred ownership of their home to a front company, which then sold it. They also transferred millions of dollars to Israeli bank accounts. Federal authorities believe the couple fled about six weeks before an IRS agent discovered that the couple’s home had been abandoned.

Initially, prosecutors sought a 51-month sentence for the man. The judge in the case sentenced him in absentia to the maximum of 20 years. Israeli authorities arrested and deported the wife in mid 2019. They deported the man in December 2019. US Marshals returned the man to Los Angeles to begin serving a 20-year sentence. His wife now faces charges of aggravated identity theft, fraud and contempt of court. She is in custody awaiting trial.

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