Identity Theft Charges for Burbank ICE Detainee
Identity Theft Charges for Burbank ICE Detainee
A Burbank man already detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) now faces
identity theft charges. ICE investigators claim the man, who faces trial for operating fraudulent medical clinics illegally obtained US citizenship.

Investigators say the man made false statements on a passport application and lied to obtain citizenship. According to authorities, the man entered the United States 15 years ago using a stolen identity and a fake passport. Once inside the country, the man concocted a false story about his origins. The man is from Armenia, but he told Customs and Immigration that he was from Azerbaijan. He claimed that ethnic forces murdered both of his parents and he fled to the US through Russia.

Officials say that he lied about his country of origin, his date of birth, and the deaths of his parents. The United States collected that information as part of his citizenship application. Following his grant of citizenship, the man operated a series of fake medical clinics to sell narcotics prescriptions.

Authorities arrested him last summer, along with a dozen other people, in connection with the prescription drug sales. In that scheme, investigators say the group diverted at least 2 million oxycodone and other opioids to the black market. The man is already facing more than 100 years in prison on the drug charges. If convicted of the identity theft, he will lose his US citizenship.

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