Identity theft charges for 5 in HollywoodFBI and Torrance police officials coordinated the arrests of five people for identity theft. The agencies raided a Hollywood apartment where they found three of four suspects named in a warrant. The agencies are seeking a fourth individual, who was not present at the time of the raid.

Police also arrested two other individuals at the scene, saying that they were the subjects of a forthcoming complaint. Investigators say the men used an elaborate “shimming” device to capture encoded banking data from chip-enabled ATM cards. Authorities say the group planted the shimming devices in ATMs across Southern California. During the raid, agents seized a large amount of cash and ATM equipment.

A shimmer is similar to a skimmer, except that it targets encoded information on a chip-enabled credit or debit card. Thieves use the information to create a magnetic stripe version of a chip enabled card. The group faces federal charges, including conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

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