Identity Theft Charge for LB Real Estate Broker
Identity Theft Charge for LB Real Estate Broker

A Long Beach real estate broker and his accomplice face identity theft charges related to fraudulent real estate sales. According to police, the pair ran a sophisticated scheme that targeted elderly property owners.

Between 2013 and 2017, the men impersonated homeowners of vacant properties in Los Angeles County. They forged paperwork and sold or attempted to sell the vacant properties. They also obtained home loans using the vacant homes as collateral.

Then the men laundered the proceeds by purchasing gold coins from out-of-state dealers. The pair had the coins shipped to mailboxes that they opened using false names. Although the men successfully obtained nearly $200,000 from the scam, authorities say that they attempted to steal more than $1M.

In addition to identity theft charges, the men also face forgery, money laundering, offering false instruments, grand theft and procuring charges. The broker received a bail of $645,000, but remains housed in the Los Angeles County jail. His accomplice remains jailed on a $500,000 bond, and has a schedule court appearance in December.

Long Beach Identity Theft Lawyer

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