Identity Theft Charge for San Gabriel Man
Identity Theft Charge for San Gabriel Man
A man with multiple addresses in San Gabriel and Alhambra faces a number of felony counts, including identity theft, forgery and providing false information to the police. He was arrested last month following an attempt to cash a fraudulent check at a San Gabriel bank.

Bank officials became suspicious of the validity of the check and called police. After arresting the man, police discovered that he had documents in his possession for several individuals. The suspect has a prior criminal history that includes convictions for identity theft, forgery, burglary, false impersonation, receiving stolen property and drug crimes convictions.

Following an appearance in court on the charges, the suspect was denied bond and is being held in the Pritchess Detention Center. His next scheduled court appearance is next week.

San Gabriel Identity Theft Lawyer

According to the Secret Service, identity theft is currently the fastest growing crime in the United States. Because it is closely associated with other forms of criminal activity, law enforcement officials and courts devote a significant amount of resources to investigating and prosecuting identity theft and related crimes. The intense focus on identity theft is the primary reason you should hire an experienced identity theft lawyer if the police arrest you for stealing another person’s identity.

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