Identity theft charge for cryptocurrency thief
Identity theft charge for cryptocurrency thief
A Boston man faces federal charges of identity theft, grand theft and hacking following a cryptocurrency theft scheme. Authorities arrested the man, a 20-year-old college student, at Los Angeles International Airport last month. He was attempting to board a flight to Europe when authorities arrested him.

Prosecutors say that the man hijacked victims’ cell phones via the phones’ SIM cards. He then changed the victims’ passwords and gained access to their cryptocurrency accounts. The man conned users into granting them access to their phones, by claiming he worked for their cell service providers.

One victim lost $1.7 million in cryptocurrency while attending a digital currency conference in New York City. Investigators say that the suspect is enrolled at UMass Boston and studies information technology. According to police, the man spent thousands of dollars on parties, clothing and other luxury items. Authorities do not currently know where the remaining stolen digital currencies are because the suspect is storing them offline.

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