Identity theft charge for fake Whittier pharmacist
Identity theft charge for fake Whittier pharmacist
A Whittier man with a record for impersonating a pharmacist faces new identity theft charges. In 2001, the man misappropriated the identity of a licensed Los Angeles area pharmacist and began working in local pharmacies. He also stole the identities of three medical doctors.

The man used a false driver’s license, pharmacist’s license and Social Security card to impersonate an actual licensed pharmacist. Using phony credentials, he took several pharmacy jobs in the Los Angeles area. Police arrested the man in 2007 and charged him with identity theft. He pleaded no contest in that case. The judge ordered him to serve jail time and pay restitution.

Department of Consumer Affairs investigators discovered that the man resumed impersonating the same pharmacist following his release. Department of Homeland Security agents arrested him in July as he entered the country in San Ysidro. Prosecutors have charged him with six felonies, including false personation, identity theft, forgery, counterfeiting a seal and theft of identifying information with a prior identity theft conviction.

Police said that the man worked at more than one pharmacy, but did not name the pharmacies because the police consider them victims.

Whittier identity theft attorney

In most cases, money motivates identity misappropriation. In this case, the man may have assumed a professional license for to access to controlled substances. Authorities have changed their views on this kind of fraud, and treat it very seriously. That’s why you need an experienced identity theft attorney when you face identity-related charges in California.

Robert Helfend provides exceptional defense, based on more than 30 years of experience. He takes cases in Whittier and throughout Southern California. His first priority is to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. This is exceptionally important, especially for persons who may already have a history of criminal convictions in California.

Don’t attempt to defend yourself against serious felony charges and don’t accept an attorney who won’t fight aggressively for you.

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