Identity Theft Charge For DMV Employee
Identity Theft Charge For DMV Employee
A California Department of Motor Vehicles employee faces identity theft charges. Authorities accused the Sacramento woman of using DMV records to fabricate identities.

According to police, the woman used information in DMV records to open bank accounts and obtain lines of credit. Investigators say the woman obtained nearly $20,000 in credit from Wells Fargo Bank.

In addition, federal authorities have charged the woman’s live-in companion in connection with the scheme. Investigators say the pair used DMV records and stolen mail to target victims.

With her accomplice’s help, the woman used DMV records to research victims. The DMV computer system tracks user activity, so investigators were able to link the woman to illicit record searches. The defendants each face 18 federal counts of aggravated identity theft, bank fraud and possession of stolen mail.

This case comes at a bad time for the DMV. The agency is still reeling from another federal investigation into employee misconduct there. Federal investigators say DMV employees accepted money to alter agency records for commercial driver license test results. As the result of that scheme, the DMV issued hundreds of fraudulent commercial driver licenses to unqualified truck drivers.

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