Identity Theft Arrests Ends Glendale Shopping Spree
Identity Theft Arrests Ends Glendale Shopping Spree
In October, Glendale police arrested a woman suspected of
identity theft while trying to purchase $12,000 in electronics. According to police, the woman presented false identification and credit cards at the Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria.
07confronted the woman about the fake ID. She admitted that the identification was fake, but said that the credit card she used belonged to her grandmother. Police called the “grandmother” who confirmed the woman’s story and said she did not object to the purchases. Further investigation revealed that the person actually named on the ID card did not know the suspect.

Police arrested the woman and she later posted bail. Investigators are also pursuing potential charges against the woman’s accomplice.

Glendale Identity Theft Lawyer

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Identity theft takes many forms, and police pursue identity theft charges vigorously. In most cases, identity theft results in additional financial crimes. Law enforcement agencies are often interested in identity thefts precisely because they reveal other crimes. Identity thefts may be organized, or may occur as the result of chance opportunities.

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