Identity theft arrest nets professional Los Angeles thieves
Identity theft arrest nets professional Los Angeles thieves
Police in Redding nabbed two Los Angeles women in the act at the Mt. Shasta Mall and charged them with identity theft. A Redding woman noticed that her wallet had been stolen after receiving reports from her bank about credit card charges.

The woman, who was shopping at the time, tracked the thieves to the nearby Mt. Shasta Mall. With the help of loss prevention officers and video surveillance at Macy’s, the security team identified the suspects. They contacted mall security and the Redding police, who located the women at a different store.

Police arrested the two women, who initially provided false identification and claimed they did not speak English. After sorting out the misadventure, police discovered that the two women stole the victim’s wallet at a Redding mall. They used the identification inside to create a fake Nevada ID, using the victim’s information but the thieves’ pictures.

The suspects used the victim’s credit cards to make nearly $10,000 in purchases of gift cards and merchandise in just two hours. In addition, the thieves stole a sizeable amount of cash from the victim’s wallet. At the time of their arrest, the thieves also carried customized purses designed to thwart store security measures, and tools to remove inventory control tags from merchandise. Upon searching the suspects’ car, they also found ID manufacturing equipment, as well as much of the recently purchased merchandise.

Police eventually identified the thieves using fingerprints as Camila Fernandez, 25, and Julietta Smith, 29, both of Los Angeles. They also discovered an outstanding arrest warrant on Fernandez from the State of Orgeon. The women now face identity theft and conspiracy charges. Fernandez many also face extradition to Oregon.

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