Identity Theft Arrest in Pasadena
Identity Theft Arrest in Pasadena
A San Bernardino woman was arrested in Pasadena for identity theft after attempting to arrange an Uber ride using a stolen cell phone. Initially, the woman attempted to rent a car at a Hertz site using a stolen credit card. The woman, and two men who accompanied her, fled the business after she was confronted by the clerk. Police responded to the area and arrested two Loma Linda men, but could not locate the woman.

Stolen cell phone used in identity theft

Police were notified later in the day that a woman was attempting to arrange an Uber ride using a cell phone that had been reported as stolen. Officers were dispatched to the location and found the woman, waiting for her ride. She was arrested on suspicion of identity theft.

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Felony convictions can have a long-lasting impact on your career and your home life. In most cases, victims want their personal information secured, and are not held responsible for fraudulent charges. People who commit identity theft are typically non-violent offenders, which make them good candidates for reduced jail time, alternative sentences and restitution-based sentence. Prosecutors understand that for certain kinds of crimes, prison is less effective than these alternative sentences. Since prosecutors are most interested in obtaining a conviction, they’re often more willing to agree to lighter sentences for non-violent crimes.

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