Identity Theft Arrest for Highland Park Woman
Identity Theft Arrest for Highland Park Woman
A Highland Park woman was arrested by the South Pasadena Police Department earlier this month and charged with identity theft following the discovery of more than 200 pieces of mail in her car. None of the mail belonged to her. In addition, officers found blank credit cards, a credit card press, mailbox keys, a number of driver licenses and burglary tools.

Police initiated a traffic stop after observing the woman driving in excess of 80 mph on the 110 Freeway at about 2:30 a.m. Marisa Delgado, 27, who was driving a rented BMW, also had an outstanding warrant for grand theft. She was arrested on suspicion of identity theft, grand theft and driving on a suspended license. The US Postal Service is investigating the mail thefts, and Delgado may face federal charges in the matter.

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