Hollywood Murder Suspect Receives Death Penalty
Hollywood Murder Suspect Receives Death Penalty
A man convicted in two Hollywood murder cases received the death penalty. Michael Gargiulo, known as the “Hollywood Ripper” will join about 750 other California Death Row inmates.

Authorities accused Gargiulo of killing and mutilating two Southern California women and attacking a third. He attacked all of the women in their homes. Gargiulo is also expected to face murder charges in Illinois in the death of a woman there. Family members found the Illinois victim stabbed to death on the steps of her family’s home in 1993.

Prosecutors contend that Gargiulo murdered his first California victim in 2001, and a second woman in El Monte in 2005. He attacked a third woman in her Santa Monica home in 2008, but cut himself during the knife attack. Authorities were able to identify Gargiulo through evidence left at the scene of the last attack. The Santa Monica victim survived the attack.

Gargiulo lived close to all of the victims and stalked them prior to attacking them. Investigators arrested him shortly after the Santa Monica attack, but have only recently been able to bring the man to trial. A number of legal maneuvers and combined with several attorney changes prevented the trial from moving forward.

The jury heard the case and convicted the man in August. They recommended a death sentence last month, during the penalty phase of the man’s trial.

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