Grand theft of special bike
Grand theft of special bike
Carlos Andres Lopez of Los Angeles is facing grand theft charges, after being accused of stealing a $5,300 specially equipped tricycle that belonged to a teen with cerebral palsy. The tricycle was stolen from a locked Burbank garage. Lopez also faces charges of burglary and second degree vehicular burglary.

Suspect’s criminal history includes grand theft

Lopez has a criminal history dating back to 1991 and has been convicted of burglary, grand theft and auto theft. The tricycle was recovered several days after being stolen when a citizen recognized the tricycle from media reports. Lopez’s fingerprints and other forensic evidence were recovered from the tricycle. Lopez was arrested at a scheduled meeting with his probation officer, and admitted to stealing the tricycle and a sewing machine from a pickup truck stored in the same garage. Lopez had planned to sell the tricycle, but abandoned it after seeing media reports about the theft.

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