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Theft crimes in California are defined by the amount of loss and the method in which the item was confiscated. Many theft crimes in Los Angeles are misdemeanors, but a majority of them are serious enough to be considered and charged as felonies.

What is Grand Theft?

Under the California penal code § 487(a) grand theft is defined as the unlawful taking of somebody else’s property whose value exceeds $950.This kind of crime can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

The prosecutor looks at certain aspects to decide how to file an accusation of grand theft. Those considerations may include:

-Criminal history of the accused

-The cost of the item that was taken

– Weapon use

-The sophistication required to commit the crime

The more severe the crime, the more probable the misdeed will be charged as a felony. An individual can carry out grand theft by taking the belongings of another person away. Nevertheless, grand theft can also be executed by taking property that has been entrusted to you.

Penalties /Criminal Laws are applied in Grand Theft

The crime of grand theft in California is a “wobbler.” This means that the prosecutor may decide to charge you with either felony or misdemeanor grand theft.

The maximum potential sentence for misdemeanor grand theft is up to one (1) year in the county jail and for a felony, it is sixteen (16) months, two (2) years, or three (3) years in County Prison. (A State prison sentence served in County Jail.)

Defenses to a Los Angeles Grand Theft:

In order to come up with best defense to avoid the severe penalties for a grand theft, it is imperative to seek advice from a Los Angeles grand theft defense lawyer who is qualified, well-informed and has the necessary resources to proffer the best defense possible for the accusations brought against you.

Common defenses to a Los Angeles grand theft accusation include:

1) There was no intent to take the property.

2) There was a mistake or error in taking the property.

3) The property is not worth the value the victim has indicated

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