Grand theft charges await "Rehab Mogul"
Grand theft charges await “Rehab Mogul”
Christopher Bathum, who once owned Community Recovery Los Angeles, a large network of private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Los Angeles County, Orange County and Colorado, was arrested and charged with several counts of sexual assault, fraud and grand theft.

Earlier this year, Bathum was sued by several former patients who accused him of sexual misconduct between 2012 and 2016. The lawsuits spurred the criminal investigation that resulted in charges against Bathum. Prosecutors say that they believe there may be additional victims.

Kirsten Wallace, who served as the CFO of Community Recovery Los Angeles, has also been charged with grand theft and identity theft after authorities discovered that Wallace and Bathum had purchased health insurance policies in the names of their clients without the clients’ knowledge. The pair would bill the insurance companies for the clients’ treatments long after they had left the CRLA facilities. In all, Wallace and Bathum filed nearly $200 million in fraudulent insurance claims.

Prosecutors also claimed that Bathum and Wallace kept their clients in a never-ending cycle of treatment and relapse in furtherance of their insurance scam.

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