Grand Theft Charge in Church Ripoff
Grand Theft Charge in Church Ripoff
A 48-year-old man already on probation for other matters was arrested for grand theft after he was caught stealing donations from the collection box at Holy Family Church in Glendale.

Church members were tipped to the theft after noticing a dip in the collections over the preceding months. The business manager for the church also noticed that the box contained a sticky substance. The box was under video surveillance, so members of the church reviewed the security footage, which captured the thefts. According to police reports, the suspect, Armando Vasquez, removed donations on several occasions. He had recently begun volunteering at the church.

Glendale police went undercover and observed Vasquez retrieve donations from the box using fishing equipment and double-sided tape. Police seeded the donation box with marked currency, which was found in Vasquez’ possession when he was arrested. He was charged with two counts of grand theft and one count of giving a false name to the police.

Vasquez has a long history of theft, and has been convicted on 11 previous occasions of theft. He was released earlier this year under Realignment AB 109.

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