Grand Theft Charge for Van Nuys Man
Grand Theft Charge for Van Nuys Man
A Van Nuys man was sentenced to five years’ probation, 120 hours of community service and full restitution to his victims, after being convicted of grand theft. According to court records, Cristian Raul Videla, 34, pleaded no contest to grand theft by misrepresentation after stealing the identity of another licensed insurance broker and selling cargo insurance to commercial truck drivers. Videla pocketed a portion of the premiums, and issued policies for a lesser amount than what the victims though they’d purchased.

Videla issued certificates to his victims showing fake policy amounts. Videla’s scheme came to the attention of the California Department of Insurance following a loss by one of Videla’s victims. When the victim filed a claim for a $100,000 loss, he discovered that he had only half of the coverage he thought he’d purchased, and was responsible for the other $50,000. Videla was originally charged with five felony theft counts, but a deal with prosecutors allowed him to plead no contest to just a single count.

Grand Theft Lawyer

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