Glendale MD accused of drug crimes
Glendale MD accused of drug crimes
A Glendale physician pleaded guilty to federal drug crimes, including drug trafficking, after he was arrested for selling prescriptions for hydrocodone, clonazepam and promethazine to undercover investigators. Manasseh Nwaigwe fasces up to 20 years in prison, and the loss of his medical license, as well as forfeiture of nearly $100,000 in cash from the sale of illegal prescriptions.

Investigators say that Nwaigwe sold prescriptions to undercover officers on a number of occasions, without ever performing a medical examination or determining that the buyers had any medical need for the drugs. Nwaigwe has also run

An experienced federal drug crimes lawyer

In 1990, 20% of incarcerated offenders were in prison for drug-related crimes. As of 2015, more than 80% of incarcerated offenders were convicted of drug-related offenses. That should tell you something about the priorities of the state and federal criminal justice systems. It should also help you understand the likelihood that you will end up incarcerated if you’ve been convicted of even low-level drug offenses like drug possession. The criminal justice system is programmed to send drug offenders to jail. Period.

When you are arrested for crimes related to drug possession, you need an experienced drug crimes lawyer to create an effective defense strategy. Most drug convictions require mandatory minimum sentences, which only underscores the need for having a criminal defense attorney on your side.

When you hire Robert Helfend, you’ll always work directly with him. That means you’ll always have the benefit of his experience in criminal defense, and defending against charges related to drug offenses, including drug possession, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking.
When it comes to defending against drug crimes, the odds are already against you.

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