Glendale Man Arrested for Sex Crimes with Teen
Glendale Man Arrested for Sex Crimes with Teen
A 57-year old Glendale man was arrested for sex crimes involving a teenage girl earlier this month.

Timothy Marchini, 57, could not escape the watchful eye of a Target shopper at the Glendale Galleria who observed him taking photographs of the girl in the lingerie section of a local Target store. The woman questioned the teen, and asked her if everything was ok. The teen said she was fine, but the woman didn’t buy the couple’s story and called the police. The police arrived and questioned the pair, who admitted that they were in an intimate relationship.

Marchini consented to a search of his phone, and police found nude pictures of the teen, as well as text messages indicating that the man was trafficking the teen to other men. Police obtained a search warrant for Marchini’s home and discovered additional evidence against him there. He was charged with multiple counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, sexual penetration by a foreign object, sodomy of a person under 18 and one count each of possession of child pornography and oral copulation of a minor. Marchini pled not guilty to the charges and given a nearly $400,000 bond.

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