Gang Ties to Massive Auto Theft
Gang Ties to Massive Auto Theft
Police in Torrance say they’ve arrested 15 members of a street gang responsible for the theft of about 40 cars from a local car dealership. According to police, gang members broke into lockboxes and stole the keys for dozens of vehicles.

The cars, which belong to the Nissan and Infiniti of South Bay, were parked in a neighboring Costco lot. For several weeks, gang members returned to the Costco lot to remove vehicles, which were then used in other crimes.

Police arrested two gang members in a vehicle stolen from the dealership following a police chase. A search of the stolen vehicle turned up guns and drugs. About two-dozen other vehicles stolen by the gang have been recovered. Some of the recovered vehicles were undamaged; others have been damaged or stripped.

The dealership has equipped all of its inventory vehicles with GPS tracking devices to discourage future thefts. It has also increased security patrols around the overflow lot.

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