Fraud Investigation Leads to Carson, Gardena
Fraud Investigation Leads to Carson, Gardena
Investigators from the FBI worked for three years to put an end to a familiar fraud and money laundering scheme. Last month, a judge unsealed a 252-count indictment against 80 people largely from Nigeria. According to investigators, the group conspired to steal millions in the “Nigerian prince” email scam.

The agency arrested 11 people in connection with the fraud. Two individuals were already in custody. Six additional people are fugitives but thought to be in the United States. The rest of the indicted individuals reside outside of the United States.

The defendants sought out victims in the United States and around the world. In an effort to get them to transfer money, the conspirators pretended to be Nigerian royalty. They also posed as individuals seeking romantic connections. The scam targeted both individuals and businesses.

Two of the men arrested last month reside in Carson and Gardena. Allegedly, they laundered the money for the scam in exchange for a cut of the proceeds. Every named defendant faces charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money and aggravated identity theft. Some individuals also face additional charges for money laundering and fraud.

Carson Fraud Lawyer

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Fraud charges often accompany other more serious charges like conspiracy, money laundering, wire fraud or mail fraud. Convictions on these charges can result in long prison sentences. Often, following the completion of a federal sentence, foreign defendants also face deportation.

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