Fraud, Grand Theft Charges in Race Wreck
Fraud, Grand Theft Charges in Race Wreck
A Lakewood man is accused of fraud and grand theft after crashing his car on a racetrack, but misreporting the accident to his insurance company.

Fraud netted suspect nearly $65K payout

Andres Hernandez, 36, was attempting to claim a single-lap track record at the Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway in May when he lost control of his 2015 BMW M3 and crashed into a wall. Hernandez’ auto policy did not provide coverage for racing related accidents, so he told the insurance company the crash had occurred while he was driving on Angeles Crest Highway.

After Hernandez’ claim was paid, an investigation showed that the crash did not occur as Hernandez had reported it. Hernandez was arrested at South Bay BMW in Torrance, his place of employment, and was released on a $45,000 bond.

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