Fraud Convictions Send Brothers To Jail for 10 years
Fraud Convictions Send Brothers To Jail for 10 years
Brothers Dalibor and Berry Kabov will spend 10 years in federal prison for fraud. A federal jury found the men guilty of drug trafficking charges, money laundering and filing false tax returns in 2017. The court delayed sentencing to address allegations that one brother’s defense attorney failed to introduce “newly discovered evidence.”

According to federal prosecutors, the brothers operated a phony compounding pharmacy in West Los Angeles. In reality, they contend the business was a front for distributing bulk prescription opiates. The men allegedly made more than $3 million from sales of OxyContin, Percocet, Dilaudid, Norco and anabolic steroids. Prosecutors reported that the phony West LA pharmacy bought about three times as much OxyContin as the next largest purchaser.

The men also underreported their income by about 50% in both 2011 and 2012. Additionally, in those tax years, the pair claimed business losses. At the same time, the men spent lavishly on luxury goods and travel.

The brothers could have faced more than 300 years in prison. In addition to the 10-year sentences, the men must also pay fines of $175,000 each to the IRS.

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