Fraud Conviction Sends Hawthorne Father To Jail
Fraud Conviction Sends Hawthorne Father To Jail
A fraud conviction will put a Hawthorne father in jail. Prosecutors accused the man of killing his two disabled sons in an insurance scam. According to investigators, the man drove his car into the Port of Los Angeles with his sons in the back seat.

The federal jury found the man guilty of guilty of mail and wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. He attempted to collect on life insurance policies he had taken out on his children. The boys’ mother, who was in the car, testified that she could not swim. She was fearful when her husband accelerated the car toward the water.

Following the crash, the man swam to safety through an open window. Nearby fishermen rescued the wife by throwing her a floatation device.

Both sons had been diagnosed with autism. The father took out $7M in life insurance policies on the boys. At the time of the boys’ deaths, he had obtained 8 accidental death policies over the course of 8 months. According to his financial records, he made less than $30,000 annually, but paid $6,000 in premiums for the policies. He used some of the proceeds from the policies to buy land in Egypt and a boat.

The father had experienced financial difficulties prior to the incident and had declared bankruptcy. The mother, who is not a citizen, said her husband forced her to sign marriage papers to obtain legal status. State authorities have charged the father with murder and he is awaiting trial.
He faces up to 212 years in federal prison when he returns to court for sentencing.

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