Fraud Conviction Lands Former MD in Prison
Fraud Conviction Lands Former MD in Prison
A former Newport Beach physician who faked his own death to avoid a fraud prosecution will spend 29 months in prison. Prosecutors charged Tigran Svadjian with insurance fraud in 2002. The charges stemmed from $2.4 million in fraudulent Medi-Cal claims.

Prosecutors agreed to let Svadjian travel to Moscow to see his ailing mother. After Svadjian left the country, Russian officials notified the State Department that Svadjian had died while in Moscow and was cremated. Federal prosecutors dropped the charges against Svadjian.

The case reemerged when Russian authorities arrested Svadjian last year as he tried to re-enter the country on a forged Lithuanian passport. He had been living in Egypt, and worked as a scuba instructor. US federal agents traveled to Russia to escort Svadjian back to the United States, where he was charged with fleeing.

Svadjian told federal investigators that he paid a Russian police officer about $200 to issue a fake death certificate. Federal prosecutors destroyed evidence from the case against Svadjian because they believed he was dead. Instead, they charged him with unlawful flight from prosecution, which is a five-year felony.

Prosecutors said that the original fraud charges had a five-year statute of limitations. It is unclear whether the statute of limitations was suspended when Svadjian left the country. Prosecutors said that they would not reinstate the fraud charges against him.

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