Fraud Conviction for SoCal Doctor
Fraud Conviction for SoCal Doctor
A federal grand jury convicted a Temecula doctor of Medicare fraud earlier this month. The man performed unneeded medical procedures on patients and recruited beneficiaries to participate in the fraud.

According to prosecutors, the doctor initiated the scheme in 2012 and falsely diagnosed patients with a condition called venous insufficiency. The condition prevents adequate blood circulation from the legs to the heart. Following the diagnosis, the doctor performed medically unnecessary procedures. He also billed Medicare using the wrong service codes to increase his payments. In addition, the doctor repackaged used medical supplies.

During the time of the fraud, the doctor submitted more than $12M in claims and received $4.5M in reimbursements. Authorities arrested the doctor in 2016 as part of a nationwide crackdown on Medicare fraud. He was among 22 California providers arrested in the sweeps. In the past 12 years, federal authorities have arrested more than 4,000 providers and accused them of improper billing. The cumulative losses totaled nearly $20B in that time. The man will return to court in March for sentencing.

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