California Fraud Conviction for Beverly Hills Stockbroker
California Fraud Conviction for Beverly Hills Stockbroker
A federal jury convicted a former Beverly Hills stockbroker who stole $200M from investors of
fraud. Following a 17-day trial, a jury convicted the man of 18 counts, including conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud. They also convicted him of securities fraud and investment advisor fraud, as well as money laundering. The jury also found him guilty of making false statements, obstruction of justice and unlawful money transactions.

The defendant was the president of Hunter World Markets, a Beverly Hills stock brokerage. He co-owned the brokerage with another hedge fund manager, who fled the US after being indicted. Authorities say the pair manipulated penny stocks to inflate their value. They then sold the inflated penny stocks to hedge funds they operated. This enabled the hedge funds to overstate their performance and generate large profits for the hedge fund managers. Using the inflated performance data, they lured unsuspecting investors into the funds.

The Department of Justice is seeking the extradition of other hedge fund managers who participated in the scheme. Italian authorities arrested the co-owner of the firm in 2013 but released him. Following his release, he is thought to have fled to Germany.

Beverly Hills Fraud Lawyer

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