Fraud Charges Snag 5 in Cryptocurrency Scam
Fraud Charges Snag 5 in Cryptocurrency Scam
Federal authorities charged five men withfraud related to a $722M cryptocurrency scheme.
Federal prosecutors likened the case to a modern-day, high-tech Ponzi scheme. In addition to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, the men also face charges for selling unregistered securities.

According to investigators, the scheme operated from 2014 until last month. The scheme sold shares of “cryptocurrency mining pools” to investors. It also provided incentives for investors who recruited other investors. The operators distributed “false and misleading” earnings reports for the investors. A Camarillo man produced videos to promote the scam to potential investors.

The group targeted unsophisticated investors who would not be likely to understand how the investments worked. Beginning in 2015, the men inflated investment earnings reports to entice more investors into the scheme. In 2017, they produced phony reports showing that returns were slowing. During this period, one of the scheme’s principals attempted to cash out.

If convicted, the men face as much as 25 years in prison and fines exceeding $250,000 each.

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