Fraud Charges For Two Los Angeles County Men
Fraud Charges For Two Los Angeles County Men
Two Los Angeles County men face fraud charges for cheating In-N-Out Burger out of at least $150,000. One of the men, a former employee of the company, resides in Lakewood. The other man, a Downey resident, worked for a company that supplies machine parts to the fast food chain.

According to police, the Lakewood man worked for In N Out Burger as a forklift driver. The Downey man worked for a company that supplies forklift parts. Investigators claim that the men conspired to write phony invoices for forklift parts at grossly inflated prices.

The men began writing and submitting phony invoices in 2005. Investigators discovered the scam in 2016. According to investigators, the documented loss to the company exceeds $158,000, although they believe the actual losses were much higher.

The men face a single charge of grand theft, 34 counts of forgery and an enhancement of loss exceeding $65,000. They also face an enhancement of aggravated white-collar exceeding $100,000.

Los Angeles Fraud Attorney

Fraud is almost exclusively a financial crime, although sometimes people have other reasons for defrauding a victim. California law makes both civil and criminal provisions for the act of defrauding someone. Prosecutors can charge the crime as a misdemeanor or a felony. Prosecutors can also classify fraud as a “white-collar crime” depending upon the circumstances of the case. White-collar enhancements can lead to increased prison time, large fines and other sanctions. Therefore you need an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend, if you’re facing criminal charges.

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