Fraud Charges for Los Angeles area medical practitioners
Fraud Charges for Los Angeles area medical practitioners
Federal authorities charged several Los Angeles County medical practitioners with fraud earlier this month. Investigators accused providers from Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Alhambra, Whittier, Los Angeles and Huntington Beach of bilking Medicare and Medicaid. Another provider from Calabasas faces charges of conspiracy to commit honest services mail and wire fraud.

Investigators say that the defendants created or participated in billing schemes worth about $150 million. In most cases, the doctors ordered unnecessary tests and prescriptions. In other cases, they submitted bills for services that they never provided.

Other providers from North Hollywood and Valley Village face charges of trying to defraud Medi-Cal of $10M. In that case, the providers submitted bills for services, testing and prescriptions that were not provided.

Investigators from multiple agencies, including the FBI and California agencies participated in the investigations and arrests.

Los Angeles Fraud Attorney

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Convictions for insurance fraud can have a devastating effect on your ability to practice and maintain your professional licensure. These consequences can carry on well after you have resolved the case against you.

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