Fraud Charges for local postal workers
Fraud Charges for local postal workers
Nearly 3 dozen local postal workers were charged with a range of crimes, including fraud, embezzlement, mail theft, possession of stolen mail, failing to deliver mail, conspiracy, bank fraud and making false statements.

The arrests came as the result of a widespread investigation of mail operations in Southern California counties. Indictments were issued in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Riverside, and involved 28 separate cases. One employee, who was also a former union official, was accused of stealing nearly 175 mobile phones from parcels at the Post Office. After removing the phones from parcels, the employee would offer them for sale or trade on the internet.

One indicted employee was found to have retained 48,000 pieces of mail destined for customers on her route. The delayed mail was found at her home. Other carriers indicted in the cases were found to have used credit cards that had been stolen from the mail. In one case, a carrier used personal information from individuals to send pre-paid PayPal debit cards to non-existent addresses on his route. In that case, investigators said the losses could number in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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