Fraud Charges Could Await Suspended CHP officers
Fraud Charges Could Await Suspended CHP officers
Dozens of California Highway Patrol officers could face fraud charges following an investigation into overtime pay. The CHP uncovered at least $360,000 in erroneous overtime payments for officers in the East Los Angeles Office between 2016 and 2018.

The agency turned its evidence over to Los Angeles County prosecutors, who will decide whether to charge the suspended officers. Investigators have not revealed how many officers may have participated in the scam because the investigation is ongoing. The agency does not believe that any other CHP officers assigned to other areas participated. CHP Chief Mark Garrett says he does not know why the East Los Angeles Office operated independently.

The commanders of the East Los Angeles Office noticed suspicious timecard activity beginning last spring. They also noted that all suspect overtime related to road crew assignments with the California Department of Transportation. Officers on those assignments make certain that CalTrans workers stay safe while performing road work.

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