Fraud Charge for West Hollywood Concert Promoter
Fraud Charge for West Hollywood Concert Promoter
Federal authorities have charged a West Hollywood concert promoter with wire fraud. Prosecutors say that the promoter told investors that he had secured well-known acts to perform in his events. The promoter, who lives in Las Vegas, operated from offices in West Hollywood.

According to the indictment, the promoter operated an investment scheme for eight years. He told investors that he organized hard rock music events and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events.

He showed investors memorabilia from previous events and falsified financial records. Additionally, he told investors that he had agreements from well-known artists for future performances. He told investors that their funds would be used to provide advance financing for the future performances. However, the promoter did not have agreements with entertainers, and used investor funds to pay his personal expenses.

Prosecutors believe that the promoter defrauded at least 15 investors, who lost a combined total of $1.4 million. FBI investigators found significant evidence that the promoter used investor funds for meals, child support and similar expenses, but they did not find evidence that he used investor funds to pay business expenses. He also faces identity theft charges because he used another promoter’s name in connection with the wire fraud.

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