Fraud Charge For Attempted Hollywood Hills Mansion Theft
Fraud Charge For Attempted Hollywood Hills Mansion Theft
A Newport Beach couple faces document fraud charges for attempting to steal an actress’s mansion. According to Los Angeles police, the couple attempted to present a forged deed to the home as proof of ownership.

Earlier this year, the man showed up at the Hollywood Hills home and attempted to change the locks. Two months later, he and his wife returned to the home with the false deed. Employees at the home contacted the owner who indicated that she did not transfer the title to the home.

The couple also faces charges for attempting to steal three other homes in Orange County by fraudulently recording deed changes. The county has processes in place to prevent the unauthorized transfer of home ownership.

The man faces 54 counts of money laundering, three counts each of grand theft and recording a false instrument. The woman faces 13 counts including money laundering and grand theft.

Hollywood Hills Fraud attorney

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