Fraud Alert For Stressed California Cities
Fraud Alert For Stressed California Cities
The State of California has increased its oversight of certain financially stressed California cities, saying that their precarious financial position puts them at a higher risk of fraud. Three cities in Los Angeles County, including Bell, Maywood and Monrovia, have come under increased scrutiny by state auditors who are looking for signs of corruption.

Bell, CA was the setting for a widespread corruption scandal in 2010, and state officials don’t want neighboring Maywood to fall victim to the same circumstances. Seven Bell officials were eventually convicted of corruption. That spurred the State of California to enact measures designed to identify and deflate local governmental entities and agencies at high risk of financial fraud and wasteful spending.

A state auditing team monitors local finances, looking for signs of mismanagement, debt growth and wasteful spending that are characteristic of fraud, or that create the conditions that are right for fraud. Cities that are nearing bankruptcy, or that react to unforeseen financial crises with drastic staffing cuts can trigger extra scrutiny from the state.

Los Angeles Fraud Attorney

Being accused of financial fraud or mismanagement as an elected or appointed official can have a chilling effect on your career. Sometimes, outsiders can interpret actions as being fraudulent when in fact they aren’t. If you’re accused of fraud as an elected or appointed official, you need the assistance of an experienced fraud attorney like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend has more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. He also practices defense in federal court, which is important. Corruption probes and prosecutions are often conducted in a federal court.

Don’t attempt to defend yourself, and don’t wait to engage the services of an aggressive experienced defender, if you’re being accused of fraud or your actions as an elected official are being investigated.

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